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About Us


Exquisite Woods Ltd is a small family run business solely dedicated to wood flooring. We are specialists in the supply and installation of Solid, Engineered and Parquet wooden floors as well as the restoration of existing timber floors. We make a difference by being passionate about what we do, about wood.



Our Experience

We have been in working with wood for 17 years, an invaluable experience covering a variety of projects thanks to which we are able to advise on the design, installation and restoration of any type of timber floor. We have come across virtually any project requirement and have built a wealth of knowledge and skill. Our aim is to follow new trends in the timber flooring industry, including the use of innovative techniques for fitting, sanding and repairing wooden floors.



Our Work

This is where we make a lot of difference. We are dedicated and organised which means we do not rush and we do not clock watch. We value your time and will always run on schedule, our punctuality being something we are particularly proud of.

Most of all, we are craftsmen, not simply fitters - our floors are quite unique because there are always custom made details - frames, thresholds, steps, etc. The ability to undercut skirting boards, trims doors to height, box out pipes or clad stairs, all add to the sense of a special finish.

We own more than one professional vacuum cleaner and clean the workplace during work and we always thoroughly clean afterwards - something which is not often seen in the general building trade.

Finally, our work gives us pleasure - each of our floors is as it was crafted in our own homes. It makes life easier and satisfactory.



Our Quality

Besides being dedicated craftsmen, we also understand the importance of both the quality of materials and equipment. It is often said that the best craftsman in world is powerless without good tools.

Our floors are sourced from only two main suppliers, both of whom we have worked with for over ten years. These are quality, proper 20mm thick solid or engineered floors, machined to perfection. We are not interested in shopping around for the cheapest supplier, with unknown products and unpredictable consequences.

We have invested considerably in equipment which enables us to carry out the work to a high standard - wood flooring installation tools as well as professional dust free sanding equipment.



Our Customers

Virtually all our customers are very happy with our work. We now have hundreds of customers, an ever growing network of recommendations which are getting difficult to track.

We are able to provide references - phone numbers so you can speak to real people who had their floor installed or restored. If required, we can also arrange a visit to view our work, we do cover a large area but it is likely that there will have been a job nearby.

We naturally understand our customers and see their needs and expectations as a part of the whole experience.



Our Company

Exquisite Woods Ltd

Registered in England

Reg. No. 5586015

VAT Registration No. 92548222


85 Castleview Road







Tel: 01793 741313

Mob: 07833 663383