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Working Hours: 8am - 5pm, Monday to Friday
Excellent Real Wood Flooring
We cover the whole of
Southern England and Wales

Terms of Business


  • Please make all cheques payable to Exquisite Woods Limited.
  • 50% deposit is required to confirm the order and to set a starting date – for Supply&Fit orders.
  • Remaining 50% is due upon completion of work.
  • All materials and consumables remain property of Exquisite Woods Limited until full payment is received.
  • Exquisite Woods reserves the right to initially advice and subsequently charge all additional extra labour time and materials required for circumstances found beyond our control or previous knowledge.


  • All cancellations are subject to written confirmation.
  • Postponement of orders shall require that all materials already ordered are paid for.
  • Postponement of orders notified to us within two weeks of agreed starting date shall attract a 10% surcharge.

Your responsibility

  • Please ensure that all areas to be worked in are totally clear of all furniture and old floor coverings.
  • Where the work is to be carried out in a room in which electrical appliances are present (e.g. kitchen), all such appliances must be disconnected and removed prior to our arrival on site.
  • All waste and debris that arise from the works will be disposed of by us.

Exquisite Woods Limited

  • Exquisite Woods will guarantee all our workmanship for life and would naturally attend when required. Our high quality floors are also guaranteed by our suppliers for various periods for up to 30 years depending on the floor you have chosen.
  • The Company cannot be held responsible for variations in colour or grain of wooden floors.
  • The Company cannot be held responsible for any scratches or defects in the wooden floor from pets, movement of furniture and general wear and tear after the installation or restoration is completed. Suitable recommendations for protection and easy maintenance for long life will be given at the time of the fitting. Protection pads, etc. are available directly from Exquisite Woods.