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Our Equipment


As part of our Supply and Fit service we are able to supply a wide range of solid, and engineered wood floors. The same applies to the new and particularly reclaimed parquet blocks. The floors we work with are carefully selected to satisfy a number of criteria: they are from certified renewable sources, the wood is naturally dried and then kiln dried (as opposed to being sawn too quickly), the machining of the floors must be perfect with virtually no undulations and almost nothing to sand off when the planks fit together. Another very important part is the grain selection on the surface of the boards, this gives the floors continuity and consistency. Furthermore, the length of the boards is of utmost importance. The market is currently flooded with random length products which contain too many too short planks making the final floor look too "busy". Our solid oak floors in particular are in packs containing five boards of the same length. As evident in our photographs, less joints gives per lines makes for a more natural look.

Our suppliers are well established companies who mostly own their manufacturing facilities and source timber entirely from certified forests. They hold large quantities of solid, engineered and parquet floors which has given lots of flexibility to our operations.

The most popular floors we use are:

  • Pre-finished and unfinished engineered 21mm thick floors with 6mm wear layer
  • Solid boards with 20mm thickness and width ranging from 140-200mm.

All come in variety of species - oak, ash, elm, walnut, wenge, maple, etc.

For herringbone parquet we use a large of variety in species, mostly blocks in standard size - 230x70x20mm. In case of oak, we can supply lengths of 280mm or 350mm. There is a wide choice of patterns which we can reproduce, herringbone with double border surround being the traditional and most obvious way to lay a parquet floor.


We have a select a number of essential consumables that benefit the quality of our installations. Our consumables have been tried and tested on many projects and are something that gives us the means to achieve and maintain a high standard of application.

Adhesive is the main consumable associated with an installation of wood flooring. There are two main adhesives, each used for a different purpose and different type of floor. Our spirit based adhesive is a hard setting glue used for parquet blocks, it is bitumen compatible and cures perfectly on reclaimed parquet blocks with bitumen on the back.

Our polymer adhesive is a flexible setting glue which is ideal for engineered and solid wood floors. Its flexibility comes particularly handy for undulated concrete subfloors.


Our gear is a source if intense pride, we have invested substantially in tools which enable us to achieve a craftsmanship which is second to none.

We believe that the investment in quality and modern equipment is a natural part of our constant strive for advancement.

We use quality tools from brands like Festool, Bosch, Makita, Fein, Janser and DeWalt.

On site, realising the need to keep the dust to a minimum, we use an advanced dust extraction system by Festool which ensures that both our Bench Saw and Mitre saw are plugged into a freestanding powerful extractor at all times.

Most of our electric tools are cordless as they give a freedom of move while safer at the same time.

To sum up, our equipment has been admired many, many times from both customers and other tradesmen.