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Maintenance and Care

Maintenance and Care Instructions for Solid, Engineered and Block Floors

- Floors should be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner as standard. It is important to observe that the brushes on the vacuuming head are engaged, otherwise hard metal or plastic parts at the bottom of the vacuuming head may potentially scuff the floor surface, especially cumulatively over time.

- Floors should be mopped with a damp cloth, rather than a soaking wet one, so as to avoid standing water on the surface. Do not apply excessive amounts of water as it will eventually wear the surface sheen. Mopping should be done as needed, as opposed to regularly.

- All movable furniture like chairs, stools, desks, tables, etc. should have good quality self-adhesive pads attached to the point of contact with the floor, this would significantly reduce wear.

- Where possible, run a “no shoe” policy. The biggest threat to the longevity of the surface comes from gravel, water and other particles stuck to the shoe outsole. The observance of such policy is a virtual guarantee for years of great looking floors.

- The use of commercially available products is not advised as their effect on the sheen of the floor cannot be guaranteed and is often unknown. If, however, a polishing product is to be used it must be oil based for hardwax oil finished floors and water based for waterborne polyurethane finishes.

- Do not use steam cleaners – they generate steam at 120 degrees centigrade which will ruin the sealant by compromising its surface hardness.