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Our Floors

Solid Wood Flooring

Solid Wood FlooringWe are specialists in the supply and installation of a wide range of popular timber species with Oak being the most popular by far. Oak can be Prime Grade - clean surface without sapwood and knots and Character Grade - some sapwood and knots up to 25mm in diameter are allowed. Oak can also be square shouldered or micro bevelled. Other species we supply include Maple, Walnut, Beech, Ash, Elm, Wenge, Teak and more.

Our solid wood floors are superior by design: quality of surface selection and machining are second to none. In addition to this, all boards in a pack are of the same length which reduces the number of joints and improves the aesthetics. Our floors do not warp or open gaps and there are no settling in periods because they are properly naturally dried before machining which eases the natural stresses within the material keeping in a stable condition.

Our solid wood floors come in variety of species, design and finishes. They can be square edged if you are after a modern look or micro bevelled to suit a character property. A distressed board is another way of combining new and authentic.

The installation type depends very much on the subfloor. Almost without exception, a concrete subfloor means that solid wood will be glued down while timber subfloor (pine boards, plywood sheets, chipboard sheets) means secret nailing (on top of acoustic underlay) is the best option. Our wooden floors are very durable, durability that comes from the quality of the basic material with our workmanship added on.

Our solid wood flooring is suitable for installation in any room and on virtually any floor surface, they will wear nicely in the Kitchen as they will in the Cloakroom. Thanks to the finishes we use, are floors are very easy to maintain, they can be vacuumed and mopped and are water-repellent. Osmo Hardwax Oil is guarantee for a beautiful and durable finish. Our solid wood floors are fully guaranteed as a part of our Supply and Fit service, that means that we will be responsible for the craftsmanship as well the behaviour of our floors. To us, that is an easy commitment as we have done thousands of square metres of flooring and trust our product to be flawless. Should we are fitting a floor supplied by the customer, then we cannot be held responsible for the behaviour of the wood, we can only address issues directly related to the craftsmanship.

Engineered Wood flooring

Engineered Wood FlooringWe are specialists in the supply and installation of excellent quality Engineered Wood Flooring.
Our Engineered wood floors come in a variety of species - Oak, Walnut, Jatoba, Wenge, Teak and Merbau. The overall thickness of our floors is 21mm with a 6mm solid top layer. Our floors can be unfinished, unfinished brushed (wire brush effect), or pre-finished brushed and oiled.

Our engineered flooring comes from a supplier we have known for 12 years. The quality of surface selection and machining is the best we are aware of. All boards are the same length, usually 1900mm with one joint length per pack. This makes for a much prettier floor than random length boards where the joints are too many and spoil the appearance. The original purpose of the engineered wood floors is to be installed onto underfloor heating concrete subfloors, however they can be installed on any subfloor. The popularity of the engineered floors has been helped by their environmental credibility.

A clarification of terms - we believe that the above is what proper engineered flooring should be - a 20/21mm thick board which is permanently installed, either secret nailed or glued directly onto hard core subfloors. We view thin 14mm thick, click type, floated floors as not good enough as they wear badly, are very noisy and wobble with the undulations of the subfloor - all good reasons why we do not offer them. Many such floors of inferior quality, sometimes with a solid veneered top of only 1mm, are passed through as being engineered - a great disservice to the unsuspecting prospective customer. Our Engineered wood flooring is fully guaranteed as a part of our Supply and Installation service.

Herringbone Parquet (New and Reclaimed)

We are particularly experienced in the supply and installation of new and reclaimed parquet blocks with huge experience in this area. There is an abundance of timber species, both new and especially reclaimed, including mahogany, that we are able to source for your project. Our quality of application in this field is unrivalled, we are seasoned installers with many projects behind us and a wealth of ability. Whether it is an old English Oak block or a Panga Panga, we have done it many times over.

The standard thickness for parquet blocks is 20mm, tongue and grooved on the longitude and grooved on the short side. By some margin, the most popular and the traditional way of installing a block floor is in Herringbone pattern with a double border surround. There many other design that can also be installed providing the correct size block is available.

Mosaics (Basket Weave) Parquet

Mosaics basket weave parquetWe also supply and fit Mosaics parquet, usually tiles of 16 squares, each made of 5 pieces, that form a continuous pattern with squares running in opposite directions. This type of floors were very popular in the 70`s. Currently they are available in Oak, American Black Walnut, Teak and Fumed Oak. Our parquet flooring is fully guaranteed as a part of our Supply and Installation service.


Antique Flooring

Antique FloorsAntique floors are usually sourced to a specific project and their availability is sporadic. True antique floors, over 100 years of age, are extremely expensive often over £100sq/m.
Antique timber floors are usually oak, elm and pine as these were the dominant species used in construction.



We are very experienced in the timber cladding of staircases. They are usually clad in solid wood, replicating the original design with the step overlapping the riser.
We are also able to clad using engineered wood with square edged design
We can also manufacture individual steps as required.


Often building a subfloor is an integral part of the wood flooring installation and we possess the knowledge and skill required to create a number of different subfloors, suited to the particular circumstances and specifications.
Our subfloors are usually based on an 18mm or 22m chipboards sheets - the perfect base for a wooden floor. Chipboard sheets can be directly installed on concrete or be screwed into battens.

Skirting boards

We are able to supply and fit or fit only various different skirting boards, from small and neat beadings to full height skirtings directly fixed to the walls.
In addition to the above, we specialise in the manufacturing of skirting boards, usually from solid oak. These represent excellent value for money and can be machined to a desired height and design.