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Shifting furniture out of the rooms to be worked in is probably the first thing. As trivial as this is, it is often not easy as it requires storage space for the furniture and in some cases where individual items as exceptionally heavy (pianos, settees, etc.), it may be quite challenging. It is normally the customer`s responsibility, however we often help particularly with heavy items or where people are just not able to handle it themselves for whatever reason.

Preparing for sanding may involve a number of things, removing carpets and grippers is a regular occurrence (we can dispose of them if required). Quite often, especially with old/original boards, there would be staples which will need clearing before sanding can commence.

Vacuuming the floor before is a also necessary quite often.


Sanding is performed using three main sanding machines – a belt sander, an edge sander and a finishing orbital sander. There are two further smaller machines for tackling the corners - a small belt sander and a palm sander.

The belt sander is the main machine used to flatten the floors from any undulations and to provide a clean, flat surface. It runs on various grit sandpaper depending on the state of each floor, ranging from 24 to 120.

The edge sander is a 150mm disc sander which is used mainly for sanding the floors to the edge of the skirting boards or in areas which are difficult to reach by the belt sander. It runs on grits ranging from 36 to 120. It can also be used for staircase sanding.

The orbital sander (17” disc) is a machine with the purpose to finish the floors and provide a continuous smooth surface, ready to be treated.


To seal our floors we would almost invariably use Osmo Clear Satin Hardwax Oil. Following many years in trade and having tried and tested most of the products on the market we believe that Osmo Polyx is by far the best way to finish any wooden floor.

Osmo oil has several main characteristics:

  • It is micro porous and water repellent. It can be mopped and vacuumed.
  • It is a high solid permanent finish which does not require regular reapplication.
  • It is resistant against stains from drinks, wine, coke, beer, etc.
  • It does not peel of flake and does not go yellow (like varnishes always do).
  • It highlights the natural tones of the wood which brings our all of its beauty.
  • It form a lovely protective Satin sheen which is second to none.
  • It is safe for humans and animals when dry.
  • It is based on natural waxes and oils which and is much more environmentally friendly that polyurethanes.

We also use Bona`s polyurethane varnishes, mostly when required or specified by the customer and usually on commercial projects, the reason being that the varnish creates a thick plastic layer on top of the wood which takes longer to wear in busy areas.