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Style of wood flooring refers to the size and shape of an individual piece of flooring - strips, boards, wide planks, country boards, parquet blocks or panels. The most identifiable characteristic of a wood flooring Style are the physical dimensions - length, width and thickness.

Wood Flooring Styles divide into the following general categories:


Strips are usually random lengths ranging from 300mm to 2500mm. Typical for strip flooring is that the boards have relatively narrow widths usually 57mm or 83mm, both corresponding to the original Imperial widths of 2¼" and 3¼".
A strip floor by definition would contain a large number of randomly joined lines which creates a particular aesthetic feel.


Boards are usually in random lengths ranging from 300mm to 4000mm. Their widths start from 100mm up to 300mm in some exception cases. Boards usually are tongue and grooved and they can be either Square Shouldered or Micro Bevelled.
The longer the boards are the less "busy" the floor would appear, i.e. longer lengths and wider widths make for a much better looking and authentic floor

Wide Country Planks

Wide country boards tend to be roughly sawn, without joints. They would be surface nailed and will have some random gaps, all of which helps create a feel of an Antique Floor.
The will be wide than the usual, would normally be sawn to order in mills in England and can be up to 15" wide.
Wide country boards are characterised by spectacular grain and colour variety in English Oak or Scottish Elm.

Parquet Blocks

Parquet blocks are rectangular pieces of wood which can be laid in variety of designs, the most popular of all being the traditional Herringbone Parquet with a double border surround.
The standard size for a modern parquet block is 230x70x20mm which for reclaimed blocks often translates into 9"x 2¾" x ¾". Modern blocks are invariably tongue and grooved whereas reclaimed blocks can have a dowelled locking or be simply one solid square edged block without any joints.
Other popular lengths for blocks are 280mm or 350mm which can be laid in squares five.
Older Imperial size blocks can be very thick, up to 2".

Panels/Continuous Patterns

Panels are usually square shaped with a border along the perimeter and inner design patterns made from small pieces of wood.
The original French parquet panels are larger 1000mm squared panels, however currently 600mm squared and 800mm squared are also available on the market.
There is a large variety of design that make these panels, they tend to be quite expensive, usually in excess of £100sq/m.
Most of the original French designs can be replicated in continuous pattern, i.e. no individual panels with border but a simple unbroken run of the design.
Mosaic squares panels also fall in this category although they are much smaller tiles, about 470mm squared and are only 9mm thick. They were very popular in England in the 60`s and 70`s when they fitted as standard to many new built houses.

Planks with 1, 2 or 3 face lines

These are usually 14mm pre-finished Engineered floors what are meant to be installed floated. They are a temporary floor covering with each plank made of 1, 2 or 3 lines on the surface. 14mm Engineered floors are joined by various click systems.