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Our Equipment

Our Timber/Materials

Some wooden floors would be in need of attention before restoration can commence.Many floors will have loose or missing planks and the usual way of addressing this is to source additional timber. Naturally the wood specie would be identified first and then we would try to obtain the best possible match. Matching can be quite tricky as woods vary in grain character and age. Furthermore, the colour of wood varies substantially depending on how, if at all, it has been treated over the years. For instance, woods that have been varnished or painted are likely to sand lighter than woods left untreated (under carpets most probably) where the timber has oxidised from the air - those will invariably be darker in appearance.

The best possible way to match is to borrow from the same original material from another room which is to be carpeted, a feat which is not always possible, however it is the only guarantee of a true match.

We are able to source reclaimed woods and we can also order reclaimed boards to be cut down to size to match existing boards. Reclaimed boards can either be cut from reclaimed beams or be in the form of original planks, both options with certain pros and cons.

Our Consumables

We are firm believers that the only way to achieve a quality finish is to use the best available consumables, we do not shop around for cheap and inferior sandpaper which would save a few pounds in the short term but deprives the customer of a good finish. This is what the choice of consumables comes down to - they provide the  means to a perfect sanding.

Consumables needed for the restoration of wooden floors are mostly various size and grit sandpapers.

The use of good quality sandpaper is paramount especially in the initial stages of wood flooring restoration as many floors are very undulated and need flattening. We use Mirka and Bona sandpapers (belts, discs and screens) - both of excellent quality. We do not shop around for cheap alternatives as the sanding result is likely to be compromised.

Another important consumable is the resin filler - a clear fast drying resin which is mixed with fine saw dust to create a putty used to fill gaps, cracks and imperfections generally. This is a professional filler which can be sanded in less than 10 minutes. It is not dyed and dries solid with the colour of the wood.

Our Equipment

Our gear has been specially selected for its efficiency, dust extraction capabilities and sanding performance.

We have five machines used in the process of wood floor sanding:

  • Kunzle & Tasin, Taurus belt sander - the best machine in the world. Extracting virtually 100% of the dust, 90kg, 3000w/4HP motor with two gears for aggressive and smooth sanding
  • Lagler, Elan edge sander, a powerful handheld 150mm disc sander to reach right up to skirting boards, sand stairs. Edge sanding is a skill in itself and the Elan is the best tool on the market.
  • Kunzle & Tasin, Wirbel. 17" orbital sander. Uses 17" mesh double sided discs for an incredibly smooth finish. It has its own vacuum dust extraction. A floor sanding is not truly complete without it.
  • Small belt sander - for sanding in the corners and difficult to reach areas (step risers for instance)
  • Palm Sander - usually follows the small belt sander for a smooth finish. Ideal for polishing stairs and other details.