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Restoration Service

Wood flooring restorationAt the heart of our wood flooring Restoration Service lies the fact that we very much enjoy every stage of the restoration process, a prerequisite which makes the quality of our sanding and sealing second to none. Old and tired floors often hide spectacular beauty and it is a pleasure to claim it back.

With us, you get the benefit of a truly personal service - direct communication, professional quoting service, punctuality, organised and honest all the way. At least 50% of our work, at any given time, comes from word of mouth, the network now being too extensive for us to track.

The quality of our wood flooring sanding is superb as a result of the equipment we use and the skills we put in. Our business ethics is based on generating a decent profit without compromising quality and this is evident in the way we go about sanding and sealing - quality consumables (resin filler, sandpaper and Hardwax Oil), the best equipment and true craftsmanship - all attributes the can be confirmed by  hundreds of customers accumulated over a period of 16 years.

Wood has been used as flooring for centuries and there is an endless number of floors lying hidden under carpets, waiting to be restored to former glory.

Benefits - restoration serviceMain benefits of our Restoration Service:

  • We are very experienced and have the tools and ability to sand floors to a very high standard.
  • We would be gentle to your floor and only sand off as much as needed.
  • We are clean, organised, polite and considerate. We can provide customer contacts to testify to that.
  • We always run on schedule - respecting your plans and arrangements.
  • We clean after ourselves - we would remove and dispose of all waste arising from the works.
  • We respect the sanctity of your home and treat your furniture with care.