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Excellent Real Wood Flooring
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Installation Service

The essence of our Supply&Fit service is our commitment to quality of workmanship, we are very particular Installation serviceabout each aspect of the work and enjoy what we do.

Exquisite Woods Ltd uses only proper 20/21mm thick quality Solid and Engineered wood floors, wider and longer boards, for the most authentic appearance. We do not use inferior, pre-finished, click system, thin engineered or laminated floors.

Our work is our passion and as our customers will happily testify, we are not in the business of short cuts and we never rush. The number of people recommending us today is a testament to our true qualities.

Attention to detail, like quality of edging for instance, comes quite naturally to us and we are able to carry out difficult and unusual tasks, quite often where others have declined to even consider the job.

We are very experienced in custom details, i.e. making thresholds, cladding steps, boxing out pipes etc., all manufactured on a bench saw, which adds a lot of versatility to each of our installations, almost like a unique signature.

Organising our tools and maintaining cleanliness during work is another essential part that makes a huge difference to both the progress of the works and to the final result.

Our punctuality is never lacking, from the point of first contact right to the final coat of sealant, as we value your time and arrangements. We have been running on a tight schedule for many years, often carrying out two or three jobs per week, sometimes seven days a week.

All our work is guaranteed for life and we will attend to our floors even if the property is sold on.